Which Wine Goes With This Dish?…Who Cares!

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The other night, I overheard a conversation at a wine tasting where two people were discussing which wines to pair with a particular food. It started to get more interesting as they delved into the “rules” for pairing wine and food, such as, “white wine with fish” or “red wine with meat.” Although these may seem like tried and true guidelines that may work for some people, there are just too many different wines and foods to be confined to so-called “rules.”

With that being said, try thinking of the rules as a “suggestion” or a starting point. There are numerous books, magazines, DVD’s, and websites devoted to this subject that can help get you started. Food & Wine Magazine or Perfect Pairings by Evan Goldstein are a couple of resources with great suggestions.

What if there was a way to make your favorite wine go with any meal? I just heard about a company that is doing just that. The Napa Seasoning Company has recently developed a line of spices and seasoning designed to magically meld your favorite foods and wines!

The idea of having rules at all seems ridiculous to me. Life is too short. If there is a certain combination of food and wine that you like, go for it!

I’m curious to hear about your favorite or unusual wine and food pairing. Send a comment and let’s break some rules!

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