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Beaujolais Nouveau…Coming Soon!

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Just after midnight, on November 19th, over one million cases of Beaulolais Nouveau will begin their journey from the vineyards of Beaujolais to Paris. From here they will be put on every conceivable mode of transportation for immediate shipment around the globe!

Beaujolais Nouveau, not to be confused with its more elegant cousin Cru Beaujolais, is a very young, fruity red wine made from the Gamay grape and is closer to cherry kool-aid than wine! All kidding aside, BN is actually a very pleasant, easy to drink wine that pairs well with many holiday meals.

Since 1985, French law states that this wine can only be produced in Burgundy’s Beaujolais region and cannot be released before the third Thursday of November! What started as a local celebration has gradually become an international event as producers scramble to see who can get their product to market first!

Here’s a link to the english version of

These are just a few well known producers of Beaujolais Nouveau:
Georges Duboeuf (French language)
Domaine Dupeuble
Joseph Drouhin
Louis Jadot
Domaine Yvon Metras
Jean-Paul Thevenet

Wine Selection Tips for Thanksgiving

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The Thanksgiving holiday is a special time for friends and family break bread together. The traditional Thanksgiving feast has a large selection of foods, all with their own unique flavors and textures. Selecting a wine or wines to go with this wide variation of dishes can be a daunting task. One thing is certain; there is no right or wrong answer. If you and your guests enjoy the meal (and the wine), that is all that really matters!

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are a popular choice for most holiday meals. Crisp acidity, bright fruit flavors and yeasty undertones help make these wines extremely food-friendly. A good Blanc de Noir (a sparkling wine or Champagne containing Pinot Noir) pairs well with many courses, from cheeses to salads to turkey and potatoes. The bubbles, combined with the natural acidity, work to cleanse the palate for each course.

White Wines

Fruity white wines with lively acidity work well with any number of dishes. Sauvignon Blanc’s herbal aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, apples and pear compliment everything from butternut squash to the turkey and stuffing. Chardonnay, on the other hand, with its richer flavors and fuller body, goes better with creamy dishes. Gewürztraminer has an inherent spiciness that begs to be paired with cranberries or spicy pumpkin or squash soups.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir is probably one of the most versatile wines for the Thanksgiving meal. Flavors of tart cherries and strawberries, along with a nice balance of acidity and tannins, supports most courses without overpowering them. If dark meat is on the menu, consider a Zinfandel or a Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre (GSM) blend from the Côtes du Rhône. Their ripe, dark fruit flavors and rich tannins work well with fat in the meats.

Dessert Wines

Selecting a dessert wine can be a little problematic. Depending on the level of sweetness in the dessert, some wines may or may not work. If the dessert is not too sweet, consider a sweet wine like Muscat or an effervescent Moscato d’Asti. If your dessert is very sweet, look for a Port (ruby or tawny) or a late-harvest Riesling. These wines are very sweet and rich and will stand up to the sugar in the dessert. Of course all of these wines could be considered “dessert” just by themselves.

These are just a few hints and suggestions to help select a wine (or wines) that will compliment your Thanksgiving meal. The best part is that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes time to choosing a wine. If you like the wine, and it enhances your dining experience, that’s all that matters! The important thing to remember is that Thanksgiving is about friends and family. They are the ones that truly make Thanksgiving great!

Halloween Wines – Spirits for a Spirited Occasion

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If you are looking for a little something extra to spice up your next Halloween party why not try wines that embrace the spooky nature of the season. The following are just a few of the wineries I have found that have a macabre twist to their marketing plans!

Vampire Vineyards – Paso Robles, CA
- Chateau du Vampire – $20
- Dracula Zinfandel -$20
- Dracula Syrah – $18
- Vampire Pinor Noir – $10
- Vampire Merlot – $10
- Vampire Cabernet – $10
- Vampire Chardonnay – $10
- Vampire Pinot Grigio – $10
- Vampire White Zinfandel – $10

Get them online at Wicked Wines

Armida Winery – Healdsburg, CA
- “Poizin” Zinfandel – $20
- “Antidote” Pinot Gris – $12
- “The Reserve” Zinfandel – $60

Get them online at Armida Winery

Twisted Oak Winery – Vallecito, CA
- Calaveras County River of Skulls – Mourvedre/Syrah Blend – $35

Get it online at Twisted Oak Winery

Bonded Winery No. 9 – Oakville, CA
- Ghost Block Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon – $100
- Ghost Block Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – $60
- Ghost Block 2008 MorgaenLee Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc -$28

Get them online at Bonded Winery No. 9